Somaticae – Catharsis

A1 Lamentation I
A2 Pointless
A3 Abrupt I
A4 The Leviathan
A5 Abrupt II
B1 Indifferent
B2 Abrupt III
B3 The Spectator
B4 Lamentations II
B5 Abrupt IV
12″ vinyl and digital.
Edition of 300
Released May 27th 2013
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« In 2011, we begin to think about doing a record label. We had been following Somaticae for some time and at this moment he was playing some art & punk gigs with a furious live of electronic improv, on the edge between hypnosis and noise. Two of these sessions became our second release, “Dressed like a bubblegum”, raising the interest of people like Surgeon, Perc, and Peter Van Hoesen ; his remix for Mondkopf ’s “Ease your pain” receiving praise from Ancient Methods as well as labels Downwards and Avian. But Somaticae had already moved forward, and in a matter of a few weeks, he was sending us what quickly and easily took shape as “Catharsis”, a ten track piece which is to be the first album release on In Paradisum. “Pointless” summarize its spirit : punk nihilism, techno repetition to the point of exhaustion, sharp percussions.
This music tastes like metal and blood, but a strange comfort comes out of it. Catharsis is a terrifying affair experimenting throughout ten disciplined and often brutal noise abstractions – primi- tive techno lost between petrifying epileptic atmospheres as well as in- tricately-layered drones – rumbling sonic investigations, wielding bar- barous kickdrums and rusted percussions to lacerate weakening flesh – blind lamentations of bone chilling voices and abrupt sounds – a sort of black mass supported by punishing percussions – alarming levels of feedback and distortions – a steep emotional breakdown turning in an emotional renewal. »


‘Pointless’ by Hugo Saugier

All tracks written and produced by Somaticae. Mastering by Artefact Mastering.
Artwork by Hugo Saugier.
© In Paradisum 2013