Run Dust – Serf Rash

A1 Saddle Maker A2 Wharf Rat A3 Serling's Yard A4 This Lovely Sign A5 Doctor John Dee A6 Oil and Gas A7 Scythe Toon B1 Open Anchorite B2 British Jumpsuit B3 Tour of College B4 Mitigator
LP vinyl and digital.
Edition of 300
Released March 16th 2015
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We discovered Run Dust through the demos that became the amazing Zeckenentferner tape on Opal Tapes. If you’re familiar with Opal Tapes, it’s fair to say this release stands out, as Run Dust music stands out generally, and that’s why it finds its place within our label. The eleven track album covers plenty of ground from proper songs to brutal techno, romantic melodic stuff to dystopian minimal and does it all with a unique sense of texture and storytelling.

Things kick off with the frosty bleeps and gauzy textures of ‘Saddle Maker’ and the gallivanting, brutal techno beats of ‘Wharf Rat’ before unsettling ambience and sparse drums characterise ‘Sterling’s Yard’ with its squealing bleeps and industrial menace.
Run Dust can do more soothing soundscapes, too, as shown on the dubwise ‘This Lovely Sign’ and the blissful echo chambers of ‘Doctor John Dee’. Cuts like ‘Scythe Toon’ pick up the pace again and hit you over the head with alarming sirens and rough drums and ‘Tour of College’ gets all lo-fi, housey and bittersweet.

With its powerful sense of melancholy and fragile energy, Serf Rash brings us back to the first generation of beautiful albums in electronic music by artists like Aphex Twin, and conjure up a great spirit of escape. So get stuck in and enjoy the ride…

All tracks written and produced by Luke Calzonetti.
Mastering by James Plotkin.
Graphic Design by Thibaut Proux and Jules Estèves.
© In Paradisum 2015